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It is appears to have the small business and single person in mind. Basically it comes with an email app and all the functionalities needed to make it one of the most powerful software. It designed with simple user interface which makes it very easy to use. It is helpful for all the small business users and provides many tremendous featers.

One of the good features in this great application was the complete history of linked appointments, memos and tasks that are available through each contacts details page. By using this everything you have ever received/sent or know about any contact in your list is all available in an instant with the advance search and organization functions of this scheduling Tool. Another fantastic time saver was the automatic save & recall of standard paragraphs as well as blocks of HTML or text for inserting into email message. This function is an incredible time-saver.


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There has an excellent features to import appointments, email contacts as well as tasks. Data from MS Access data bases and Microsoft Excel files can be imported into this app without any extra efforts. And emails are automatically linked to the imported contact list, which is ideal to keep track of communication. The mentioned qualities makes working easier with clients that allow the "in-contact feeling"

It also sync data with mobile devices such as iPod and iPhone which is an effective feature for those who are constantly on the move. There is add-on software present to sync data with Windows mobile, palm and other devices. This app can also be installed on a removable medium like: flash drive, to use the tool on another system, which is ideal for travellers. When inserting a flash or thump drive containing Chaos Intellect files to any other system, the option to open the application will appear. Your all files will open & you can have on-the-go access at any time.

And for those users, who want to stay there is also the capability to export as well as import the data base. This smart features also makes it easier to convert Chaos Intellect data from one system to another. This app offers sync with MS Outlook. It also offers many methods to export data backing up data to a location on a PC. It appeals to both the smaller and serious corporate businesses. Some more other outstanding features are mentioned below.

The email app can handle plain text messages, HTML message and message with pretty pictures. For more other traditional way of doing things, MS word templates can be used to create letters instead of mail message.

In this, all emails can be linked to a particular email client. It's not simple to be kept out of a discussion since the redirect button that the all email files relating to a matter with pass through the original recipient.

  • The email app can creates and send emails according to a specific time schedule.>
  • Emails can be exported as a single EML file.
  • Spell checking is included in the email application.>
  • For those users who use a certain phrase and text daily, blocks of text can be inserted with a click of a button.

For the geographically spread out work team, there is also a lot more option available. If a file is placed on the network, then you can open the data file and share the updated data. This app assists running the office by offering the following features.

  • Advance Search functionality helps to locate data
  • Any duplicate can be identified as well as erased.
  • Text editing can take place with a replace and find functions.
  • Copy/paste functions allow transferring data from this app to other app.
  • If any case, data file become corrupt/damage chaos Intellect can repair databases.
  • There is no need to run a server & bog down speed & memory on the system, especially when a large number of contact database is used.
  • When the app closes it offers the option if you want to backup data.
  • And the last and most effective features that is a legal billing option is available, making it a great features for lawyers.

All the above given features helpful for all, and the classic view of chaos intellect provides access to most of its functions. You will be able to use the app within a small period of time without excluding the additional features. This app is supported in all European languages.

“As Chaos Intellect is great program but few of user available in the market who want to change their chaos intellect app to other application because basically it is great for more small business & businesspersons than large corporations.”

To overcome all the situations, a software is available in the market which effectively solve all the problems related with conversion form Chaos Intellect to other email app. To do this process you just follow some steps and perform the task effectively.

  1. Firstly download and launch the application on your machine.
  2. Then, browse the location and select the desired Chaos Intellect file from the system.
  3. After successfully performing the process, now you can easily view chaos intellect without installing email application.

After completion of the conversion process, you can easily read chaos intellect emails to other required email application.


In this post I have described about Chaos Intellect and their all effective features. Then, provide the solution to read Chaos Intellect into other email app using third party external software. I hope this article will be helpful for all the users who exactly searching to know the whole information about Chaos Intellect.