About US

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We are faster growing market in software industry. We provide an extensive collection of software list. Frequently dealing with migration utilities of email data according to the requirement of today’s customer. Always be certain of keeping ourselves and our customers in touch. And day by day we are emerging with new and effective software tools. In less time we have achieved a lot and never looked back. We are always available with our technicians.

MBOX File, an innovative team continues strengthen its hold in the market for its first class services in the arenas of data recovery and data migration. Though represented in the technical front, our products have never ceased to be cost-effective. Whether an individual user or a complete organization, we always had the satisfaction of clients.

Why MBOXFile

We offer solution for wide-ranging problem, so whatever the reason for data loss (i.e. system corruption, failure of system, unintentional deletion or forgotten password), a solution is never far away.

From starting, we aimed to reach out to the masses in order to help them and become immune against practical advertisers. The single successful method of this agenda is to make the solutions cost-effective, simple, time-saving and easily operable. We offer more than 500 result-oriented solutions to choose from, where every solution is capable to bring out the user from some technical complications and make a pro out of them at once.

Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee 100% quality of products. We believe in high quality and long-time relation with our customers and always look forward for best service.


Offer always the best in market and keep the knowledge up-to-date, so that we could provide updated products to customers.

Free Products

Our store provide freeware applications as per requirement of customers. Always look forward to provide products in keeping mind state and customer’s need.


Simplicity or ease of product help in using them without any headache, even the novice users can make use of them easily.


We provide cost-effective applications, so that any customer can easily purchase them according to their limited budget.

Excellent Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support in order to help customers and want them to experience problem solving service always.

We always focus on customer need and offer the best to them, so the software get upgraded at a regular interval. It is for the upgradation of our product that our team keep check and constantly review the latest trends and then get it included in the present form of the particular software.