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What is Eudora?

Eudora is a simply free email application that is capable to supports many operating systems including Windows as well as Mac. Previously Eudora email app used to be available as two versions i.e. Light and Pro. The light edition was free and the pro edition was commercial one. These email files are stored as plain text files. Though it was popular in the beginning as it provide many additional features as compared to other email app.


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Storage and locations in Eudora application:

Eudora email client supports IMAP and POP email accounts and for both of these, configuration emails are saves in the system locally. And IMAP accounts usually implements downloading of emails saving it on the machine where the account is configured in Eudora application. Emails belonging to these accounts get saved on server & then downloaded to the desktop email app. The Dominant directory available as top directory stores the mailboxes for IMAP accounts. And in order to analyse the email files of Eudora, at first it's important to understand the email file format and locations of the email storage files for IMAP and POP accounts.

Actually, all Eudora mailbox email files have same extension, but it is not necessary that the email files will be visible with the extension. It all depends on the setting done with the system's folder options. Eudora app stores the email of folders in files which without extension will appear as Out, In etc. The default location for these email files are:

After find the store location of Thunderbird you can now easily open Thunderbird mail file.

Eudora POP email path-

c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora


Eudora IMPA email path-

c:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\IMAP\Dominant\


After you find these locations, any user can able to Read Eudora Files.

Eudora as one of the first email app which really captured the imagination of early internet users and it also became one of the most popular way to communicate on both operating systems (Windows and Mac). Now let's get to know some other knowledge about Eudora.

Eudora email app was developed in 1998 from the brain Steve Dorner. The app was named after the author Eudora Welty. In 1991, it was acquired by Qualcomm, and who released the email app as freeware, making it one of the first email application to be available as a free download. It works with both Windows and Mac OS as well as some early mobile systems like: Newton and Palm OS. It enjoyed best of its success during the early days of the internet in the 90's, when it was generally regarded as the perfect solution for sending and receiving emails.

Why people liked Eudora Email Client?

About Thunderbird email address: Mozilla Thunderbird is an Email App, so it does not provide email address, nor the service to transfer email files. But Thunderbird can be used with any existing email & service to send, sort, search and receive your email messages. In case, if you don't have an email address, you may apply to a service when you first start Mozilla Thunderbird.

Email service & service provider include:

ISPs (Internet Service Providers): Whenever you sign up for internet access through a ISPs then they usually give you one or more email accounts.

As it was one of the first mail clients to market, Eudora app owed a lot of its success to its simple graphical user interface and additional features. It could run pretty quickly, even with large amount of emails. It works slightly different from the other email app and uses plain text rather than database, means every user could back up just a portion of their emails rather than the Whole database. The other reasons is that- stationary, which allowed users to create readymade message or replies that could be sent ahead of time. Some more pros included by Eudora and i.e.-

  • Eudora app filters spam efficiently and easily alerts you about deceptive URLs in phishing email files.
  • Fast index search finds any emails form Eudora
  • Eudora email app is rock-solid as well as rich in powerful features for effective email use.
  • Eudora effectively handle multiple POP and IMAP accounts.

“Despite a powerful email application, Eudora is no more the first choice of users when they are asked to choose between Eudora & any other email app. One of the major reason is stopped development of Eudora app. So most of the people need to change Eudora app to other also faces many problems about how to open Old Eudora files into other email application.”

To remove all the problem of user's, commercial third party tool is available in the market. In order to view Eudora files into other app, you just need to follow few simple steps which are given below-

  1. Download and open the program on your system.
  2. The software allow to browse the location and extract Eudora mail folder.
  3. After you done with the backup of Eudora database, now you can easily open, read Eudora data into other app, then a single message pop-up on your machine as conversion complete successfully.

Now you are able to view Entourage mailbox data in other app.


In this post I have explained about Eudora and there features, stored location. And then explain why need to convert Eudora email into other application. At last, give the solution to export Eudora emails into other email client.