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Introduction of Gmail

Approx. 900 million users use Gmail service which is becoming so much popular day by day. But backing up account used to be a complex chore. Not any longer. Few years before, Google has launched back up service to backup Gmail emails. If you have missed this and get back all your mails, contacts and calendars and other things, here is how to do it. It is blindly simple.

Backing up data daily is extremely very much important whether it's emails, files, photos, music and so on. Computers are generally quite stable but nobody knows for hard drives to fail, even motherboards. Without backup you could come in serious trouble. For example, if you lost all your important contacts or something important you have been working on?

Gmail is a robust platform which is well-built by Google. But servers do crash and outages do happen. But now it become very simple to perform the backup of Gmail emails and calendars. Google has created the page called "Download your data" which quickly create an archive for all the things you want to back up.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is one of the popular web-mail application i.e. a source of communication that allows to send and receive e-mail from one place to another. It is a cloud based mail service, with more than billion monthly active users. Most of the users make use of this service as it is easy to use, comes with a generous free data allowance, and integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and other Google Apps. However, some of these users take essential steps to ensure their emails and files within Gmail are backed up in case of hacked account or accidental deletion or loss of data.

Why to backup Gmail account?

Many people assume, because their emails are stored in Gmail, they are automatically backed up by Google and they don't need to make any efforts to make their own backups. As it is true that Google has its own backup services for all of its cloud-based services including Gmail, but your data probably is not as safe as you think it is.

Sever outages and crashes will normally recovered quickly. And also, in most cases your emails will be restored, there is no ironclad guarantee of this from Google. In 2011, due to some technical error many user accounts were wiped due to which essential emails of users got deleted and when the accounts were restored, some were left without access to their data for over 24 hours. Because they were easily accessed by anyone with the correct login details from any location. Moreover, Gmail account can be easily hacked and if once hacked by the hacker, then you may be locked out of your account and you will not be able to access your emails. All your data will get deleted.

How to backup Gmail emails with attachments

Instead using time consuming method to download emails and multiple backups which is needed for data security, use efficient secondary cloud based backup service and backup your email account directly.

Steps to download Gmail emails

  • Go to the page
  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on manage archives. This option will take you to the page where you can create an archive.

After following these simple steps, you will be presented with the list of areas, with bright logos and all you need to do is to select the things you want to archive or back-up. After downloading the required data, you will see that all the mails, calendar or other information get saved in .mbox file format. But nobody could think when and where some unexpected occur.


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Backing up Gmail emails will not lower your burden at all. Another issue which could disturb you is the corruption or accidental loss of data from the system. Computers are very much susceptible to corruption which could take place due to virus, hardware failure, or etc. And such kind of things make your files inaccessible due to which you can't be able to view Gmail emails.

Another scenario that could occur when someone has send you the Gmail data which is in MBOX format. And you unable to open it as you don't have any MBOX supported email application installed on the system. Now you start to search for a solution using which you can easily open Gmail data in different email application file format without any loss of content and other information.

How to view Gmail data?

In order to open and read Gmail email files in different file format, several third party services are available over the internet. Using those software applications you can preview Gmail email files which are inaccessible. Simply download and install the application.

Steps to open Gmail emails

  • Launch the software on your system
  • Browse the location and choose the desired Gmail files you want to read
  • After successful completion of the task, now you can easily view Gmail email in other required format.


In the above given section you will find some information about backup Gmail email and how one can view Gmail email data in other email application format. Perform the steps and you will surely accomplish the task you were searching for.