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Introduction of Google Takeout

Google takeout is a service offered by Data Liberation Front. The purpose of engineers' team at Google is to make the task of moving data in and out easier for users. It enable to export multiple Google products into downloadable zip file. The list of product include Buzz and Blogger posts, Google profile, Google voice settings, Google latitude, YouTube, Drive, Contacts and soon this service will be made available for Gmail and Google calendars too.

All you need to do in order to download Google Takeout data

  • Login to Google Takeout through Gmail account
  • In the navigation, select the option "Download your data"
  • Click on "Create an archive" option
  • A new tab will get opened from which you can select the services whose data is to be exported. Enable the check-boxes to select the required services. Google Takeout create a downloadable Zip file of data
  • If you click on the "change" link, the two more options will get displayed on screen along with Zip file which are .tgz and .tbz.
  • After clicking on "create archive button" you will inevitably get logged out from the account. Again login into the account and a zip file with all your data will get downloaded on machine.

How to export the data from Google Takeout

Google Mails

  • All the messages or mails with attachments of Gmail get saved in MBOX file format. This file format is supported by different email applications which include Eudora, Thunderbird, Entourage and others. And by default, single MBOX format get created for all the emails.
  • Allow to save the Gmail data either three times in a day or seven times in a week
  • Labels are applied to the complete thread and not to single message when working with Gmail. Therefore, there are chances that if in case multiple labels are exported, some messages become duplicate.
  • When Gmail messages get exported, then the labels will save in X-Gmail-Labels in a CSV file. However, nowadays there are no email client that can identify this header.

Google Calendars

Google make use of ICS file format to save Google Calendar details. iCalendar is one of the extensively used mode to save and share calendars across internet. Number of web based and desktop applications are available which allow to open and read an ICS file. Some of the popular names in the list are MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, SeaMonkey, eM Client, Thunderbird and etc.

Google Contacts

  • vCard:

    After downloading Google contacts, all the contacts get saved in VCF format. It is an electronic business card that is compatible with number of email applications like Gmail, Lotus Notes, and MS Outlook

  • HTML:

    HTML is the most appropriate file format in order to open any file in browser. Contacts saved in HTML file format allow to import them into other Contacts Management Software

  • CSV:

    CSV stands for comma separated values, files that can be easily opened in MS Excel. Therefore, there is an advantage to save contact details in an organized form using spreadsheets.


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Google Documents (Drive)

  • DOCX (Default): MS Word 2007 and above versions saves and read DOCX file.
  • ODF:The open source word processors such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice read an ODF file (Open Document Text).
  • Rich Text: The open source word processors such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice read an ODF file (Open Document Text).
  • PDF: Portable Document Format is one of the easiest file format to read. By using free Adobe Reader, PDF file can be read on Mac and Windows Operating System.
  • Plain Text: Documents with text but without any formatting

Google Spreadsheets

  • XLSX (Default): Microsoft Excel 2007 and above versions saves and read XLSX file.
  • ODS: The Open Document Spreadsheet can be opened in open source processors
  • PDF: Spreadsheets get saved in PDF format after download which can be read in different OS on installation of free Adobe Reader. But to edit PDF file, Adobe Acrobat is required.

Google Presentations (Drive)

  • PPTX (Default): MS PowerPoint 2007 and above versions read and saved presentations in PPTX file format.
  • OPD: Presentations can be downloaded into open source processors like OpenOffice.
  • PNG Image: Each slide in presentation can be downloaded as static image in PNG.
  • PDF: A slide gets saved per page in Adobe PDF file.
  • Plain Text: Presentation text data will be preserved but the images and formatting will be lost.

But some users out there need to face difficulties after they download the Google Mail data with attachments. Because after performing this task, they simply think about how to view Google Takeout data without any loss of information. This will become a little bit hectic for users. They start to search for software here and there so that they could open and read Google Takeout data.

How to open Google Takeout Backup Files?

To achieve the task accurately, multiple third party software are available which will quickly complete the desired task by clicking on few simple steps:

Steps to open Google Takeout Files

  • Directly download and run the application
  • Browse the location and choose the desired Google Takeout files you want to read
  • After successful completion of the task, now you can easily view Google Takeoout data in other required format.


In the above given section you will find some information about Google Takeout backup and how to open Google Takeout Files in other email application format. Perform the steps and you will surely achieve the task you were searching for.