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How To View IMM Files in a batch In Another Email Application?

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Email migration is not new to users, they tend to migrate every new launched email application on which they get their hands on.

IncrediMail is a complete package email application which is all about fun in sending and receiving email messages. The email application comes bundled with a number of impressive features that allow a user to turn email experience into an impressive one. Additionally, this email client offers number of emoticons and animated notifies which can be used to personalize the way how you send or receive email messages. Moreover, IncrediMail email application supports both IMM and IML files to save IncrediMail email messages.

Using notable animated characters and emoticons, you can personalize the way you get notified when an email comes in your outbox. On the other hand, it does also enable to show long emotions with the email messages that you send.

When it comes to ensure no spam and phishing while either sending or receiving email messages. IncrediMail appears to be most reliable email application with advance and high level security features.

IncrediMail has gained popularity as one of the most used type in the category of email application. The aspects which make this email client as one of its kind are its eye catching animations, background themes, skins, emoticons and Ecards in a large number. Since IncrediMail is an email client, therefore similar to other email applications. And this is at such times IncrediMail forensics become a necessary undertaking.

IncrediMail is compatible with most web-based email including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and accepts the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) format. It can also use common Post Office Protocol (POP) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) email protocols, although you need to know your basic POP information to set it up; this information is available from the internet service provider (ISP)

Below are some steps that describes how you can send or receives emails from IncrediMail email application:

#1: Add an account

  • Open IncrediMail and go to the Tool tab
  • Select "Email Account" from the Tool tab, and click "Add" to add an account

You will get some email clients, click on related option or you can click "Other" to add an account

Account Wizard will open, give login credentials and click "Next"

#2: Configure incoming and outgoing mail server settings

  • Now it comes to setting up your incoming and outgoing mail server settings for IMAP account
  • Click "Tools" located on the top and select "Email Accounts"
  • Click "Properties" to set up the account
  • In server tab, check if the given statement is correct followed by IMAP
  • In the outgoing mail server, check the box next to "My server requires authentication"
  • Provide your login detains for outgoing mail server
  • Make use of SMTP SSL port 465 for outgoing mail server port and IMAP SSL port 993 for incoming mail server port

And once the above steps are completed, click OK to save the settings. With the above methods, you can ensure your email experience is excellent in several ways. And the excellence of IncrediMail can only be explored when the email application does not have any technical problems.


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How IncrediMail stores its data

The first and foremost step towards complete forensic analysis is to find out the default location where IncrediMail stores its complete data. Similarly as other email applications, IncrediMail stores its data locally on user machine in which it is configured. The text messages or email exchanged via IncrediMail are stowed in the default file named IMM file. Denoted with the .imm extension, the IncrediMail file format that stands for IncrediMail mail file. Since the IMM file only save the mails, so it can be opened and viewed in a text editor. During IncrediMail forensics, techies can extract the evidence from IMM file. The default location in

Windows 7

C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\IM\Identities\[GUID]\Message Store\Messages

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\ [Profile Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\IM\Identities\ [GUID]\Message Store\Messages

The identities folder consists of various folders like Address Book, Message Store, Logs, and Signature etc. According to forensic perception, the folders Address Book and the Message store hold the greatest importance. More information about IncrediMail I will make you understand using a query.

List of IncrediMail File Extensions

IncrediMail make use of multiple file extensions to save IncrediMail data. Below is the list of file extensions supported by IncrediMail:

*.ima, *.imb, *.ime, *.imf, *.imh, *.imi, *.imk, *.imm, *.imn, *.imr, *.ims, *.imw, *.lfa, *.ltw, *.pds

From so many days I was just going through different forums related to IncrediMail. And one of the question I have seen the most posted by users asking for is as given below:

A problem faced by a common users

"I am having multiple .imm files on my system which I want to view simultaneously without facing any issues related with the loss of data. I don't use IncrediMail email application, the files are send by my friend. And now I am unable to find a technique which could help me out from this situation. If anyone know proper solution for this please let me know….."

How to read IML files

Users can use third party utility to view .imm files from one email application to another as it helps to save user's time and effort by following few simple steps. It helps to retain the integrity of data. Now the next question occur how to view IMM files in another file format

Then, there is no manual procedure available to view IncrediMail IMM files. This can only be done with the help of third party tool because it accomplishes the task in few steps only. Also, there is no chance of data loss.

  1. Quickly launch and run the software
  2. Browse .imm files from stored location to start the process
  3. After successful process, message will be displayed as conversion completed successfully.

Once the process gets completed, IMM files can easily be viewed in another format


As IncrediMail has a lot of extra offerings to make email fun, it also has some basic features that make emails part of everyday life. The software holds in-built spell checker address book, and adaptable choice of arranging and filtering your inbox and outbox. Moreover the article has discussed the problem many users are facing with IncrediMail email application. And with problem, a specific solution is provided for successful process.