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Introduction of Netscape email application

As more and more people use mobile phones to surf the internet, marketers have had to think again how and where we create, share, and improve content on the web-including email.

In the past years, we have seen number of important changes in such a manner that people check and read their email. For example, various folks who bought the Apple watch often use it to check email.

An email client is an application that allow you to manage your inbox with sending, receiving and organizing messages directly from your desktop/mobile device. Particularly, desktop email application enables to manage information swapped through email messaging without actually having to log in and out as you typically do with web based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and etc. And today, you will find different desktop email clients. Some of the commonly used desktop email clients are: Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Netscape, Inky and etc.

The down-side of desktop email client like Netscape are the impression that they tend to feel bloated, cluttered and outdated. As technology consumers continue to evolve, new desktop email applications are coming up day by day that attract users because of some major factors which include:

  • Great and advance design which is also customizable
  • Simplicity
  • Beautiful and uncluttered interface
  • Sense of control with a clean and intuitive email management experience
  • Support for managing many email accounts from multiple different email providers in one place
  • Speed – native desktop email clients tend to simply work faster
  • Productivity features that allow users to start working immediately after set up

Desktop email application have turn into so much more than just a place to read, write and receive emails. More and more they are changing into amazing productivity tools, allowing people to manage email with minimal little effort and the diversity which can be customized to a person's email needs, by integrating great features. Moreover, offline support becomes a need when it comes to information and email management- and FYI, online access is only available for native email clients.


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How to open Netscape mail files in different email format

Netscape email client is popular email application, especially at investigation point of view. This email client is supported well with SSL (secure socket layer) protocol to secure the online communication; still it is a part of various cyber crimes and thus investigators need to interrogate its data files. Netscape email clients belongs to Mozilla family and just like Thunderbird and SeaMonkey email clients stores the emails in a variant of MBOX file. Moreover, this format also recognized as "UNIX format" as it was previously developed for UNIX. Also separate formats are created for each folder and each file contains the emails belonging to that folder. Netscape email application is important program in context of investigation. It becomes important to know about the file formats used and to retain these files and analyse them.

Netscape Messenger shares an effective deal of functionality with Mozilla Thunderbird and include advance support to integrate AIM. It is a multiplatform news and email client which is supported by web browsers- Netscape Navigator and AOL. All the email messages act like containers as they store several email folders. The primary folder called 'Mail' may contain number of sub folders. All the messages are contained within the 'Mail' folder for a specific user profile. If you have downloaded Netscape version 2 or 3, then your messages are stored in MBOX file. The default location of this file is:

'C: \Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\2yv6fh2e.slt\Mail'

Many users need to read Netscape mail files in other email application due to numerous reasons. Because many situations arise unexpectedly where users need to go with perfect solution so that they can view backup and open Netscape mail in different email client

"Email clients are good for communication, but they are very much susceptible to corruption. As many users having a query asking to backup Netscape email messages and export Netscape email files to other email client with accurate and complete content. Many users find this difficult as they are not aware about which application can easily allow to open and read Netscape mail files in other email file format.

Commercial third party utility is available which allow to backup and convert Netscape email files in different email application. Manual solutions are available but they are not reliable to use. Using such kind of techniques data might be lost which will create disaster in user's life.

Steps to open Netscape mail files in other email application

  • Download and open the software
  • Browse the location and choose the desired Netscape email files for conversion
  • After the process completes successfully, now you can easily open the resultant data on the desired email application

After done with the task, now you can easily read Netscape mail files in other email format


In the above article, I have discussed about Netscape and why this email application so much in use. And also discussed about why some users want to convert Netscape email files in other email client. Lastly, provide appropriate solution according to users in order to accomplish the task.