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In present time, there are many free Desktop email application available for Windows OS as well as MAC which allow you to access your email accounts right from your Desktop system without opening their website in web browsers. And some of the popular email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook. In all these I am just giving you the information about Opera Mail, so you can read about Opera Mail client at the following paragraphs.


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Today I am going to share another free email app released by popular web Browser Company Opera. If you are an Opera Browser fan, you might be already aware of this email app from Opera.

This new email app is simply called Opera Mail Client. It is formerly known as email & news client which is developed by Opera Software. It is a part of Opera internet suite. Opera Mail combines email, newsgroup and feeds, spam filtering, contact management into one single application. It create a group of all your messages and convert into conversions and supports automatic sorting of message. It stores individual mail files in .mbs file format, which is a generic format. And the default location of an account configured with opera Mail is shown below:


It uses one database that keeps an index of all mail file, & sorts the message automatically into several access points or views. Messages are automatically sorted by type in Opera Mail, such as: mailing lists, and mail along with attachments. This approach of indexing allows to access the messages instantly. For instance, a mail message sent to a mailing list with a word document attached will appear in both the Mailing lists view and the Documents attachment view. This mail can also use Bayesian filtering to automatically sort message into other view. And all email messages in the database can be easily accessed by opening the Received view.

Actually Opera Mail is very easy, clean as well as light weight email client. People who like minimal User interface in software, will definitely love this new email app program. It is very customizable as you can easily customize each and every toolbar & add or remove desired buttons. You can also show or hide desired sections like: message list, attachments, labels etc.

Opera Mail is also easy to configure and you can quickly add and setup your email accounts. It offers very limited & basic options to configure in its preferences Windows OS which makes it a very simple to use and easy program.

It is capable to supports the popular 2-line vertical view features which shows email subject and sender information in two lines in message list similar to some other email app. It supports almost all popular email services. And it also allows to import existing emails from other email application. All popular email retrieval protocols such as: POP3, SMTP, IAMP are supported by Opera Mail.

An incredible features available in Opera Mail i.e. Low Bandwidth Mode which tries to use a little bandwidth as much as possible when enables. See I am describing this option using an example: If any user enable this feature, then opera mail not fetch more than first 100 lines of a message unless requested by you. And it will synchronize new message and will not fetch attachments unless and until requested by you. This option might become useful for all users using slow dial-up connection or by using internet connection with bandwidth limitations.

Portable Email Program-

It can also be installed as a portable app and can be easily carried on a USB device. In this way, Opera Mail will be installed in an individual folder and then you can copy that folder to your USB device & use it as a portable program. It will capable to store your email account, profile, email of course and account setting.

“As Opera Mail is new email application in a present era, so many users are not satisfied with Opera Mail. For this reason several users want to switch their emails from Opera Mail to any other full featured email application.”

To sort out this critical problem of users, a third party email conversion program available in the online market which is very helpful for all the users that efficiently open opera Mail data into other email app. In order to view Opera Mail Client to other email application, you just need to follows some steps described below:

  1. Instantly launch and open the software on your system.
  2. Browse Opera Mail emails form store location to start the process
  3. After completion of the conversion, message will be shown as conversion completed successfully.

Once the program gets completed, you can easily read Opera Mail emails in another email application.


In this article I have just explained the topic i.e. Opera Mail. Then provide the information why user want to convert their Opera Mail data into other email application. At last provide the solution for -How to convert Opera Mail Client into other app using third party converter. I hope this article will helpful for you and solves your all the query related with Opera Mail.