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Email as a powerful technology has been around for decades. It is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication. Email messages are encoded in ASCII text. Using e-mail you can easily send non-text files like: graphic image, attachments, sound files etc. It is one of the first uses of the internet & is still the most popular use.

To use email service, there are many email application available in the online market. It is a piece of software on your machine that you can use to read as well as send emails from your system. The advantage of using an email app is that the emails are stored on your system and are available faster than using a web based email interface. Also, with an email application you can read the message which you already received without being connected to the internet. And you can also compose email while offline, once connected again to the internet explorer, the email file can be sent. Email applications really very beneficial for all the users and there are several email app program available in the market. From all the email client applications, one of the most popular application available is PocoMail.


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If you are interested to know more about PocoMail then go through the following article:

PocoMail is simply a great email application for Microsoft Windows Systems which is developed by Poco Systems in the year 1999. It provides various useful features such as: automatic backup of the mail data and HTML support, quick filters, support for mailing list, scripting language i.e. Poco script for advanced messaging etc.

PocoMail provides you grave power over your email, from immediate review of your folders via the unique Focus Box, and to simple management of your contacts. And you can able to automate email processing in a myriad of ways, from Filters as well as Events to easy-to-use PocoScripts. Quickly create Auto Text snippets to use throughout the application, and subscribe to your favourite RSS feeds &Newsgroups to be read on demand or delivered with your email. All in a secure package that puts you in control.

Default location of PocoMail Data file?

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Pocomail\Mail.

PocoMail application creates an MBX File for each email folder such as: Inbox. MBX and the default location of this file are given below:

Reasons- What makes PocoMail different from other email application?

Few of the some extra ordinary features that makes PocoMail entirely different among other email application-

  • PocoMail doesn't use internet Explorer component to view HTML email messages, rather it uses an internal HTML viewer.
  • PocoMail doesn't execute PocoScript its own scripting language, from the received email messages. On the contrary, JavaScript or VBScript let a third party control over the mailer, PocoScript let one better control the mailer. Simply, enable the PocoScript on a message in order to process it in a healthier way before the script executes.
  • PocoMail offers high protection against email viruses, as it does not understand VBScript as well as JavaScript, used commonly to write email viruses.

Versions of PocoMail:

  1. The recent release, edition 4.8(released in April 2009) has include new features like: the ability to edit send & receive message, as part of a project with RoseCity software to make PocoMail the planned upgrade path for Courier users. And the new added features were key strength of the Courier email application. It also added a strong Bayesian filtering engine for preventing spam.
  2. PocoMail has issues with displaying UTF-8 encoded character and further development of the application has been discontinued, as of Dec20

“As PocoMail is good email application, but due to some changes in the working conditions like: change in the working organization, or usage of PocoMail application or any other such immediate requirement, a user might require any other email application as pocomail replacement. Then to solve this problem i.e. how to open PocoMail to other email client just go with given section.”

It is not an easy task to read PocoMail into other email app, but to overcome this problem you can go with Third Party Converter tool and accomplish the task precisely.

Step-by-step learn the process- To view PocoMail emails to other email application

  1. Download and run the tool on your machine.
  2. Browse the location and select the PocoMail files you want to open
  3. Now you will be able to open and view PocoMail data without any loss of data or other properties.

Once the program gets completed, you can easily open PocoMail emails in another email app.


This article might be helpful for you, in this I have explained all the information about PocoMail email application in details. Further provided the solution of the user's problem that how to export PocoMail emails to other email app using effective Third party converter software.