Print MBOX Files

How To Print Several MBOX Files In Batch Without Any Data Loss?

print mbox files

MBOX is a file format for storage of numerous messages or emails in mailbox or folder whereas PDF is a file format that stores only a single documented file. As we know that MBOX file is supported by diverse email applications such as – Mail Copa , eM Client, Postbox, Turnpike, Mac Mail, Netscape, Thunderbird, Pocomail, Spice Bird, etc but PDF is supported by a single program only i.e. Acrobat Reader. MBOX file is introduced with 5 characters and terminated with an empty line however PDF files may contain graphs, resolution including with fonts & images without any number limitation.

Emails are the most extensive means of communication that can only be achieved by using email clients, which are available in online market. Every application supports their individual file extensions for the storage and management of data such as .mbox and .pdf.

Many times, users may be ending up with doubts like how to store attachments without getting them misplaced, how to save data in a documentary form, how to store controversial mails and many more. The solution to these questions is by converting MBOX messages as PDF documents. In the following section, we will discuss the need and way of converting MBOX emails as MS Word doc files.


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Need to convert MBOX Messages as PDF Documents

MBOX & PDF file formats are both in demands of users for storage of data. However, PDF is more popular as compared to MBOX files format and its main causes are discussed below –

  • MBOX files cannot be easily viewed whereas PDF is easy to access.
  • MBOX files don’t have any security but PDF has security to modify, edit, or print data.
  • PDF is used for viewing forensic evidence while MBOX is used for managing data only.

After observing the mentioned reasons or other personal issues there are some users who have the requirement to print several MBOX files in batch. This situation will be cleared via mentioned scenario.

A problem faced by a lawyer

“I am a lawyer and I got some evidence to resolve the case, which is in the MBOX file format. To show the evidence in the court I want the print of all the data. But the problem is that I don’t know how print several MBOX files in batch and the biggest issue is that MBOX file format is not legally accepted file format as evidence. Now, I am stuck in a problem as I don’t have much technical knowledge about all these file formats. Can anyone help me to resolve the issue?”


There is no direct method to print several MBOX files in batch, for this users need to convert MBOX emails as PDF files. Once the data is converted then, they can easily print the MBOX files. Now the question arises how to perform the conversion from MBOX messages as PDF documents?

Then, there is no manual procedure available to convert the MBOX emails as PDF format. This can only be done with the help of third party tool because it performs the conversion of data with few steps only. Moreover, there is no chance of data loss.

  1. Download and install the third party utility on your machine.
  2. Browse MBOX files to perform the conversion.
  3. Once the conversion is completed, view the converted data.

Once the data is converted to PDF format, it can be easily printed by the user. As PDF is the most secured file format to be utilized and the only way to print the data.


Many times, printing of the data stored in specific file formats creates a challenge for users. In the above discussion, solution to resolve the user problem, i.e. how to print several MBOX files in batch is discussed. It helps users to understand properly the requirement and way to print MBOX files.