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About The Bat! It is a shareware email application for the Microsoft Windows Operating System, developed by Ritlabs SRL. It designed with easy interface. It has a security option and user can configure several accounts. It has considered as a substitute email app for email users. The Bat is a tremendous and sophisticated email application. It has a plug-in system that lets you to connect external spam filters. It stores the emails in .tbb file format. And you can easily find .tbb files after knowing its storage location. The store location is given as:

C:\Users\\App Data\Roaming\The Bat!\Mail\Profile Folder


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The Bat provides many special features:

Strong Encryption: The Bat! Email application protects personal information. It provides intensional data distortion and loss of confidential data while sending messages through the internet. The programs internal PGP implementation based on the openSSL lets you to encrypt messages and sign them with digital signatures.

Backup and Restore: Protect against data loss with the Bats! Restore and backup for your emails; backup customized configuration setting, address book, message and folders.

The Bat! Own address book: Viruses distribute as well as extracts data from some email address books. Unlike another email application, The Bat! uses its own address books which is not connected to simple virus such as Microsoft Windows Address Book

Message Parking: It is most important option of this email client, while using The Bat email app don't lose important messages; and it won't be deleted without a warning or automatically purged.

Internal HTML Viewer: View links as well as HTML content without launching a web browser. It is an internal viewer that supports both CSS v2.0 and HTML 4.0. Formatting, but ignores script or executable code preventing viruses from launching. The Bat! HTML viewer blocks viruses that use the known HTML vulnerability of Internet. (Such As: IFRAME and Automatic Execution of Embedded MIME)

Image Download Manager for background retrieval of HTML Images: It controls the retrieval of message not by folder or address, but by particular hosts of URLs.

Selective Download: Select messages to delete as well as leave on your POP3 server by setting up respective filters in the sorting offline. It can be used for protection against viruses and spam.

Antivirus Interface: The Bat! provides integration with antivirus plug-ins, allowing scanning attached files for viruses and malware.

Safe handling of Attached Files: In this, If an attached file has a double extension, for example: images.jpg.exe, this email app warn you and allow you to see the real extension. And The Bat! Checks attached file extensions & prevents them from launching if they are doubtful

Complete process for- how email account setup in The Bat email client

Special Note: Before setting up email account this way, please make sure you already have required mailbox and DNS records.

Follow below step-by-step process to set up email account in The BAT! Email app.

Step 1: Run The BAT app go to Account menu and click new.

Step 2:Enter the following setting into the corresponding fields:

  • Your full name: Here you fill the name of your account in The BAT!
  • E-mail address: You complete email address
  • Organization: Organization name
  • Password: Your email account password

Note: If this is your first email account setup in The Bat! Email app then you will forwarded to this Window at once

Once done click OK or Advanced.

Step 3: To continue this process just follow further steps:

Outgoing (SMTP) server address: mail.deepikamail.com

Connection Type (choose one of the following setting)

  • (TLS) secure to dedicated port: port 65
  • (STARTTLS) Secure to regular port: port 587
  • (non-secure) Regular: port 25

Incoming mail server address: mail.deepikamail.com

Connection Type (Select one of the following settings)

  • (TLS)Secure to dedicated port: 993 for IMAP and 995 for POP3.
  • (non-secure) Regular: 143 for IMAP, 110 for POP3.

User name: Fill your complete email address.

Please do not forget to select the corresponding protocol you wish your email account to be configured via POP3 and IMAP.

After you perform all the previous steps carefully press OK button.

As many users works with The Bat! But some problems occur in this email application due to which many user want to view The Bat! To other email app. And the reasons are: The Bat is a shareware email app for MS Windows OS users. It is designed and launched mainly for security issue and the advanced users, even though it could not represent itself as an effective email app. All these reasons could be sufficient for users to move from The Bat! To other email application.

Don't worry about all: here commercial third party Tool is present which allow to backup and open The BAT! Emails to other program. This third party Software sort out all the problem related with conversion. To perform this task, just follow some steps which are given blow:

  • Download and run the Tool.
  • Browse the location and select the desired The BAT! Files for conversion After completion of the process, now you can able to open the resultant data on the desired email app.
  • After you done with the task, now you can able to read The BAT emails in other email application format.

Conclusion: In the above given article, I have explained about The BAT! And their feature, location and whole configure process. After that discussed about why user want to open The BAT! into other required email app. Finally provide effective solution according to users in order to accomplish the task.