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Necessity and importance to open MBOX mailboxes

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Nowadays emails are the most widely accepted way of communication between personal and business domains. In addition, different email clients are coming up into existence for managing the email data such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage etc. Each of email application has different file formats and extensions to save their database. MBOX file format is one such common file format that is utilized across different Operating systems. It concatenates complete mail messages in single plain text file. It stores email data in ASCII text and attachments in encoded format.

MBOX file format is supported by various email clients such as, Eudora, Opera Mail, Netscape, Spicebird, Entourage, Thunderbird, Sylpheed, Mulberry, Pocomail, The Bat!, Gnu Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc. However, there are some situations due to which MBOX files get corrupted and all the data become inaccessible. To overcome the situation users need MBOX Viewer to open and view their inaccessible data. In the following section, we will discuss the issue behind the inaccessibility of MBOX data files and relevant way to resolve it.


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Issues Behind MBOX Files

Sometimes due to accumulation or adding a lot of email data in mailbox leads to corruption. Even, there are various other reasons that leads to data corruption such as virus attack. However, once the MBOX file data is corrupted, it is difficult to access or preview the data. It will be easy to understand properly with one of the mentioned problem faced by the users that is taken from the forums site.

“I am an investigator. While investigating, I received some MBOX files as evidence but the problem is that all these files are corrupted due to which I am unable to view it. Now, I am stuck in a situation, as I do not know how to view MBOX file to extract evidence, which is quite important for me to solve the case. So, can anyone suggest me a way to view MBOX emails to resolve my case?”

Resolution to Resolve Issue

Many users face the similar situation due to which they are unable to view the data from their MBOX files. This arises various problems for users that can only be resolved by using Third Party Utility. As it is the only way to view the corrupted .mbox files. It helps to save users time and efforts by following few simple steps:

  1. Launch the utility on your system
  2. Browse files/folders to view MBOX data
  3. View the desired MBOX file contents.

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Benefits of the toolkit

Before choosing the third party utility users must keep some points in mind as it helps them in selecting the right utility as mentioned below. .mbox file viewer for Windows should support all Windows Operating system. The tool should maintain the integrity of data.

  • Provides search option
  • View unlimited files
  • Portable to use
  • Support corrupt files


As business needs are increasing at exponential rate so the requirements of users to view MBOX files are also increasing as per requirements. In the above discussion, issues faced by users and a way to resolve the problem to view the MBOX file by using the relevant MBOX file viewer utility.