MBOX Parser

Parse to count & read email messages from mbox files

This tiny little praser is the simplest way to:

  • Read large mbox and its email messages.
  • Quickly parse all variants of mbox files.
  • Independent to read MBOX mailboxes of any email clients.
  • Capable to preview MBOX attachments in software panel.
  • 100% free software without any hidden cost.

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Quickly read email messages from a mbox file by parsing all email messages.

Email files or extensions, we support are:

.mbox, .mbx, .tbb, .tbk, .tbn, .msf, .imm, .iml etc

It is transcendent software to analyse all variants of .mbox files that helps to read and analyse all variants of MBOX files so users can easily explore every file without thinking about file variants and email clients.

Basic information about .mbox file format

MBOX known as a generic term for a family of related file formats that used for storing a lot of email mailboxes. It stores all mailboxes of an entire folder in a single database and mailboxes are maintained to the end of database. It is most common file format to maintain electronic mails on a hard drive, at present several email clients use MBOX file format to maintain email database.

There are 4 prime editions of MBOX file format as following.

  1. Mboxo
  2. Mboxrd
  3. Mboxcl
  4. Mboxcl2
  • Is any size limitation to open MBOX document database?
  • There is no size limitation to open, it is lab tested MBOX parser that successfully tested with 50 GB database.
  • Is this parser capable to read corrupt MBOX file?
  • Yes sure! You can read email information from corrupted and damaged files with all email properties and components.
  • Does this application allow to read exported MBOX files from Google Takeout and Backupify?
  • Yes, this toolkit allows to read exported mailboxes from above email backup applications.
  • I have a lot of MBOX file with different fonts, is this application permit to read different fonts as Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew fonts etc.?
  • Don’t worry, it is able to read all fonts of MBOX files with 100% accuracy.
  • Can run this utility on my new Windows 10 machine?
  • This email parser supports all editions of Windows Operating System thus it can be run on Win 10 platform too.
  • Does this software require to install any email client or web application to read email messages from MBOX files?
  • No, it doesn’t require to install any email client or application. It is independent toolkit to read email messages without facing any trouble.
  • Is there any limitation to open MBOX mailboxes through this software as it is freeware software?
  • No, there is no limitation to read emails by this tool. Yes sure it is 100% free software that offers facility to read E-mail messages without any limitations.

Before few days ago my company gave me some important information in *.mbox file format that was related my project then I was looking for a modality to read email information then my colleagues friend suggested me this amazing app. Thanks for developing this helpful software, it is really helpful utility without spending any dollar.
-- Thompson (from California)

Recently I was frustrated because I have no solution to read my corrupted MBOX files, then I searched this query on Google and found your website and download this FREEWARE MBOX parser software after that I was able to read my mailboxes without facing difficulties. It is excellent software to read emails with components.
-- Rodrigues (from Florida)

I downloaded my Gmail account data by using Google Takeout service in compressed zip file, after that extracted zip file and got an MBOX file for all mailboxes but I was unable to read emails then my friend suggested this software for me. It works successfully and the Graphical User Interface of this software is easy to use and user friendly. Great tool guys!!
-- Edwards(from Russia)

I’m owner of a medium sized manufacturing company and my employees use different email clients to send and receive emails like Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Eudora etc. that supports MBOX/MBX/MBS formats so it was very difficult task to read all emails at one platform but this software is capable to read all emails directly without using any email client. It supports all MBOX related formats.
-- Hemandez(from Landon)

I was searching suitable solution that might be allow read *.mbox files without Mozilla Thunderbird. Now I want to say thankful to your team for developing this software, I currently have MBOX parser which solved my issue without spending money. I want to give my support for this software.
-- Mitchell (from Japan)